• Round wall holder

    Round wall holder

    Great for balcony wall

    Price : Rs. 4,465

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  • Slide 2

    Star light with
    glass candle

    Great gifts for the festive season

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  • Designer Water Can

    Designer Water Can

    Ideal for small garden

    Price : Rs. 600

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India’s cities are growing increasingly vertical, with lesser open spaces for gardens and greenery. There appears to be an urgent need to rejuvenate our living spaces with plants and nature – to connect our children with the beauty and benefits that green surroundings alone can provide.



The inspiration to start this store came from a dream of making Chennai green and clean.

As the old houses are soon vanishing and turning into high rise buildings, one yearns for some fresh air to breathe in. In a small way, we want to start by greening our own surroundings and look after our environment. The change starts from each one of us.